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How to join

Friends of

Pawnee Rock

1. Send your e-mail address to leon@pawneerock.org and tell me you want to be listed on the Friends of Pawnee Rock page.

2. Include as much of this information as you'd like:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Street/postal address
  • City where you live now
  • Connection to Pawnee Rock (write as much as you'd like)
  • General remarks to PawneeRock.org's readers (write as much as you'd like)
  • Photo of you, your family, your house, your pets
  • 3. To frustrate spam robots, I'll modify all the e-mail addresses. For example, leon@pawneerock.org will be listed at PR-leon@pawneerock.org.

    So, when you want to send an e-mail to anyone on the list, start with the address that's listed but leave off the "PR-" at the beginning. In other words, change PR-leon@pawneerock.org to leon@pawneerock.org.

    Check these out

    flyoverpeople logo
    Flyoverpeople.net is PR native Cheryl Unruh's chronicle of life in Kansas. She often describes Pawnee Rock and what it has meant to her.

    Explore Kansas logo
    Explore Kansas encourages Kansans to hit the road -- all the roads -- and enjoy the state. Marci Penner, a guidebook writer from Inman, is the driving force of this site.

    Santa Fe Trail oxen and wagon logo
    The Santa Fe Trail Research Site, produced by Larry and Carolyn Mix of St. John, has hundreds of pages dedicated to the trail that runs through Pawnee Rock.

    KansasPrairie.net logo
    Peg Britton mowed Kansas. Try to keep up with her as she keeps Ellsworth, and the rest of Kansas, on an even keel. KansasPrairie.net

    Do you have an entertaining or useful blog or personal website? If you'd like to see it listed here, send the URL to leon@pawneerock.org.

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    Give us your Pawnee Rock news, and we'll spread the word.

    Pawnee Rock reunions

    This page is about Pawnee Rock reunions. It will list upcoming reunions and accounts and photos of past reunions.

    To supply news or photos, send Leon an e-mail.

    Upcoming reunions

    Memorial Day 2014:   Former students of Pawnee Rock schools, their friends and their spouses traditionally meet to commemorate Memorial Day and then celebrate another year of Pawnee Rock-ness.

    Previous reunions

    • School reunion (Haun photos), August 2012
    • School reunion (Haun photos), August 2010
    • Class of 1969 40-year reunion, May 2009
    • School reunion (Hiebert), August 2009
    • School reunion (Haun), August 2009
    • Class of '77 reunion, 2009
    • School reunion at the depot, 2008
    • Class of '64 (and others) at Crosby farm, 2008

    Copyright 2012 Leon Unruh

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